Welcome to our revenue boosting world of rejuvenation, family enjoyment, and innovative advertising solutions.

Our extensive portfolio of unique brands provides revenue and profit stream solutions for public open spaces. Relax & Recharge is our luxury massage chair offering that enhances everyday experiences. Zoomaroo, our modern stroller concept, caters to families. Innovate Media is our programmatic advertising solution that seamlessly integrates into digital ad screens on our chairs and strollers, adding even greater value for properties that take advantage of our premium brands.


Commercial Massage Chairs

Relax & Recharge is the premier full-service operator of (commercial) luxury massage chairs.


Modern Kid Strollers

Zoomaroo is a modern stroller concept that was created around one simple idea: a happy child = a happy parent.


Advertising Platform

Innovate Media boasts a commanding reach, with a massive portfolio of over 10,000 assets across the nation.

Customized Business Solutions

For over 20 years we’ve optimized our services to meet specific needs, deliver stability, reliability, and consistency. Every business and space is unique. We’re here to help you optimize for your specific needs.

How it Works

  • Identify Open Space
  • Sign Simple Operator Agreement
  • Receive Monthly Income

Revenue Sharing

  • No Capital Investment
  • Full-Service Operations
  • Accepts Cash / Credit / Mobile Payments

Marketing Opportunites

  • Optional Incremental Revenue Stream
  • Shared Screen Time for Property Use
  • Increase Massage Chair Income

Diversify Your Revenue Streams with Innovate Media

Our Relax and Recharge systems and integrated digital displays provide our clients with value-added advertising solutions to maximize consumer leisure time and operator profit.

Industry Leading Coverage

Our portfolio consists of over 12,000 assets nationwide that deliver 2.5 million unique guest experiences monthly.

Programmatic Digital-Out-Of-Home

Receive up to 20% of all revenue through waterfall programmatic ad approach with reserved space to promote your center events or tenant messaging.

Proven Return on Ad Spend

Real-time bidding from multiple industry leading platforms to maximize profits. More bidders = more money.

Our Partners and Memberships

Proud to be aligned with Industry leading developers, concessionaires, operators and trade associates.

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