Innovative Vending Solutions

Innovative Vending Solutions stands at the cutting edge of the commercial space monetization industry, offering a multi-concept portfolio that masterfully blends technology, personalized experiences, and business optimization. Whether it’s the luxurious reprieve offered by Relax & Recharge’s commercial massage chairs, the delightful family fun of Zoomaroo’s rental strollers, or the digital impact of Innovate Media’s extensive reach, each of our brands is designed to create unique, memorable, and profitable experiences.

Customized Business Solutions

For over 20 years we’ve optimized our services to meet specific needs, deliver stability, reliability, and consistency. Every business and space is unique. We’re here to help you optimize for your specific needs.

How it Works

  • Identify Open Space
  • Sign Simple Operator Agreement
  • Receive Monthly Income

Revenue Sharing

  • No Capital Investment
  • Full-Service Operations
  • Accepts Cash / Credit / Mobile Payments

Marketing Opportunites

  • Optional Incremental Revenue Stream
  • Shared Screen Time for Property Use
  • Increase Massage Chair Income

Relax & Recharge

Experience the dual benefits of profit and visitor satisfaction. Relax & Recharge chairs turn idle spaces into revenue generating relaxation zones without any capital investment. Our Full-Service Business Model ensures a hassle-free experience, as we handle everything from installation to routine servicing. Meanwhile, for your visitors, the opportunity to unwind and recharge in our patented massage chairs becomes an unexpected highlight of their day, enhancing their experience at your location.

Over 2.5 million unique guest experiences monthly

Industry leading uptime and customer care

Driving incremental revenue through technology and consumer experience

Innovative app / rewards and experiential personalization

DOOH & programmatic advertising platform

Commitment to partnership and continued reinvestment


Our advanced rental strollers, bursting with playful colors and sleek designs, not only ensure a happy child but also a relaxed parent, fostering an atmosphere of joy and ease for family-friendly shopping experiences. And while your youngest customers delight in their Zoomaroo rides, enjoy increased foot traffic, boosted by our Innovative Rewards Program, high-impact digital displays, and a host of additional opportunities to connect with customers, courtesy of our Innovative App.

Relax & Recharge + Zoomaroo / Portfolio of 10,000+ assets in over 2500 locations

Zoomaroo rents at almost twice the frequency of traditional strollers producing up to 2 – 3 times current sales

Ability to choose the vehicle design and color transforms each visit into a uniquely cool experience

Innovative in app notifications, rewards and experiential personalization

Programmatic DOOH advertising capabilities on Zoomaroo end caps

Proprietary software management tool allows us to meet demand while utilizing fewer onsite systems enabling properties to reclaim leasable space

Innovate Media

Our services, fueled by data-driven audience measurement tools, guarantee heightened engagement and increased revenue for your locations. Engage with our cutting-edge solutions today and join our network of industry-leading partners, broadcasting your brand messaging to over 2.5 million unique visitors monthly across shopping centers, airports, travel plazas, theme parks, and more!

All costs assumed by IVS Media

Waterfall programmatic. Real-time bidding from multiple industry leading programmatic platforms to guarantee maximum profits. More bidders = more money

Innovative’s digital media program is proven to increase massage chair usage adding to your locations revenue share

Geopath/ad mobilize audience measurement tools used to ensure maximum CPM ratings

Proof of play and proactive monitoring included to meet all ad pacing requirements

Client Management Portal


Sales & Financial Reports

  • Real time & Historical
  • Payment History!

Data Management

  • License Agreements & COIs
  • Permission Based External Users

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