How To Choose The Right Massage Chair For Home

Easing into the comfort of a massage chair in your home can be the perfect opportunity to relax and ease muscle tension after a stressful day. Your investment can save on the repeat, expensive costs of a masseuse. Even better, you don’t have to settle for a one-size-fits-all model; instead, you can customize features based on your specific needs.

Given that there are many choices available on the market, how do you choose the right at-home massage chair? What factors should you consider so you can narrow the field down? This step-by-step guide will help you find the ideal massage chair for home.

Figure out why you want a massage chair for home There are two major reasons people decide to buy a massage chair: for relaxation or pain management. If you are buying a chair to relax, then most massage chairs will do. If you are buying a chair for pain management, then you should look for specific features that will target your therapeutic concerns.

Determine your massage chair must-haves and nice-to-havesOnce you decide on the purpose of massage chairs, you can decide on the types of features that will best serve this purpose.

  1. Massage intensity: Do you want a massage chair for home that provides a gentle, slow massage, or a fast and intense one? Do you want a chair that can provide multiple intensities and speeds?
  2. Massage techniques: What kind of basic kneading, rolling, and tapping techniques are important to you? Do you want your at-home massage chair to have advanced Shiatsu or sports massage techniques?
  3. Massage track: Do you want an S-shaped chair massage that conforms to the spine of your back? Do you want an L-shaped chair massage that extends to the bottom of the chair and targets your glutes?
  4. Rollers: Rollers are the small wheels inside the massage chair that deliver the massage. How many rollers should your ideal chair have (the more rollers, the better the massage)? Where should the rollers be located in the chair (neck, back, glutes, etc.)?
  5. Position/recline: Do you want zero-gravity massage chair seating that elevates your knees above your heart and allows your body to press firmly against the massage rollers? Do you want body stretching features that relieve some of the pressure from your spine?
  6. Advanced features: Some massage chairs may offer therapeutic heating or deep-tissue massage options. What additional features are important to you?
  7. Don’t ignore value
    There is no denying that massage chairs are expensive depending on the features and technology used. But don’t forget to factor in value. Is it really that expensive when you factor in deep-tissue, targeted massage at a spa? How much do you value getting a massage in the comfort of your own home? How much do you value a lifetime of relief? Some things are priceless and need to be factored before making a decision solely based on cost.
  8. Read the fine print
    Before investing money in a massage chair for home, it’s important that you read up on the warranties and customer service offered if the chair breaks. Some manufacturers might promise hassle-free repairs but not everyone delivers. Make sure there is no fine print your warranty can get lost in when it comes to this long-lasting source of comfort and relief.
  9. Take a test drive
    While you can try out massage chairs in the store, stores do not carry all models available on the market. Go for a chair that will give you a free trial period so you can test it from the comfort of your own home. A no-strings-attached test drive is a great way to test the model massage chair that will serve you well for years to come.

While shopping for an at-home massage chair can seem a bit daunting, with a bit of careful thought and research, you can easily enjoy your very own investment in your future health. So start your journey today for a lifetime of relaxation and muscle tension.

Find your perfect massage chair for home at iZen

Since 2007, iZen has fielded more than 7,000 massage chairs and provided more than 100-million massages in retail properties across North America. We leverage our expertise in massage chair design and high-volume manufacturing capabilities to deliver premium home massage chairs and body massage products at affordable prices. If you need help finding the right at-home massage chair, contact us. We’d love to help you find the right solution—and the relief you deserve.


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