Stress Relief: A Big Benefit of In-Home Massage

We all experience stress routinely. Life events—whether we’re balancing work with personal life, finding a job, or moving to a new apartment—can often to be major stress contributors.

While a certain low-level of stress actually primes our bodies to function at its best, too much can be a significant problem. Stress can negatively affect our bodies and minds by causing behavioral, mood, and physiological changes. People who are normally driven, focused, and content can feel anxious, restless, and depressed under stress. According to research, stress can also cause muscle tension, aches, and pains; decreased immunity to illness; and increased heart rate and blood pressure.

The temptation to turn to alcohol, tobacco, or junk food as stress busters can be strong but all of these can have detrimental effects on your health. So how can you control the stress and avoid the negative side effects? The answer: massage.

Not only can massages help your mind relax, they can also relieve many of the unfavorable physiological symptoms of stress. Here are just some of the ways that massages can relieve stress and heal your body:

  1. They can help clear your mind. Treating yourself to a massage, especially in the comfort of your own home, can take your mind off of daily stressors in your life, such as bills, family, and work. Aromatherapy, soothing music, and a dimly lit environment can really help you kick back and reduce some of your stress-induced anxiety.
  2. They can get rid of the crick in your neck. Chronic stress can cause muscles in your body to tense up, which can lead to chronic back pain and joint aches. Massages, even those you can administer to yourself using in-home massage products, can relax tense muscles and relieve pain.
  3. They actually affect stress hormone levels. Studies have proven that massages decrease the level of cortisol, a stress hormone, by 38%. At the same time, massages  induce the release of the “feel-good” chemicals—serotonin and dopamine by 28% and 31% respectively.
  4. They keep the flu away. An apple a day keeps the doctor away, and so does a massage. Have you ever noticed you get sick more frequently when you’re really stressed? That’s because stress actually causes the body’s immune system to function less effectively. Massage has been proven to restore healthy immune system activity by increasing the activity of white blood cells, the cells responsible for fighting disease.
  5. They’re good for your heart. Have you ever heard someone exclaim, “My blood pressure is rising!” when they are stressed? Well, as it turns out, they’re right! Stress can increase blood pressure, and if you suffer from chronic stress, it can lead to coronary disease and heart problems. Luckily, research has proven that frequent massages decrease blood pressure and maintain a healthy heart rate.
  6. You’ll feel (and be) healthier. A less stressed you is a healthier you. No more stress-eating or drinking. No more smoking to catch a break. Massages are a healthier alternative to the various unhealthy ways that people often cope with stress.

Taking care of your mind and body by relieving stress should be a top priority for everyone. While hiring a masseuse at the local spa can be costly, there are less expensive alternatives that can help you reduce your stress in a healthy way whenever you need to. Investing in in-home massage products, such as massage chairs and neck massagers, are one-time costs that can lead to a lifetime of relaxation and minimal stress.

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