Technology Roadmap

Innovative DNA

Perpetual innovation is a central part of Innovative’s DNA, and it spreads into every aspect of what we do.
It’s a rule of business that what made us successful yesterday may not always help us succeed tomorrow. It is for this reason that Innovative has continued to accelerate its transformational journey, becoming the most dynamic operator in the industry of consumer wellness experiences. Our business partners and consumers are central to our innovation, and we tailor our growth strategy to both meet their needs and exceed their expectations.

We can’t wait to show you what’s coming!

With the introduction of many new capabilities (and with even more coming down the line), commitment to industry-leading technology has become a central tenet of the Innovative family of brands.

ioT & Data Analytics

Data is the key to understanding our consumers, deepening relationships, and creating great experiences.

User Centric Innovation

Our Patented Technology Kiosk provides USB Charging of Mobile Devices while the Massage Chair is in use and Accepts Credit / Mobile Payments. The Modular Design gives Innovative the ability to Incorporate new Technologies as they become available.

Enabling Operations and Commercial Strategies

Online Monitoring of every Massage Chair enables our Technicians to proactively plan Preventative Maintenance and Service Visits while maintaining an Operational Uptime in excess of 98.9%.

Nayax VPOS Touch Cashless Payment

A Strategic Partnership that transcends payment processing and includes consumer engagement and custom development.

The Future Of Consumer Interaction

All in one device seamlessly integrated with telemetry, cashless clearance, monitoring, management, and analytics to facilitate a full service, secure, and reliable experience.

Our Certification

When choosing a cashless payment solution, the breadth of payment options and security are of top importance. Nayax provides an EMV certified solution with PCI-DSS level1, the highest level of security standards certification.

Building a Winning Rewards Program

Innovation in loyalty and rewards program development is more critical than ever before. Innovative is committed to giving our consumers a more personalized and seamless experience across all of our Service and Product offerings. Whether you use our Relax & Recharge luxury massage chairs, our zoomaroo kids rides, or buy products from iZen we will reward you exclusive benefits.

Mobile App Coming Soon!

Available For iOS & Android

Our IP Lineup

Innovative is truly that–a corporate innovator with multiple patents, registered trademarks (®) and trade names (™). See some of the intellectual property we leverage to help our partners find success.