Dimensions: Reach out to us directly for dimensions.

Electrical Requirements: Dedicated 20 amp circuit.

Zoomaroo is the easy way to generate additional revenue while improving the shopping experience for families. Our eye-catching, fun-to-ride strollers serve as a unique attraction, encouraging repeat visits and increasing dwell time. Combining entertainment with utility, Zoomaroo creates an environment where businesses flourish, parents shop at ease, and children have the time of their lives.

  • Relax & Recharge + Zoomaroo / portfolio of 10,000+ assets in over 2500 Locations
  • Zoomaroo rents at almost twice the frequency of traditional strollers producing up to 2 – 3 times current sales
  • Ability to choose the vehicle design and color transforms each visit into a uniquely cool experience
  • Cleaned and maintained by our field support team
  • Programmatic DOOH advertising capabilities on Zoomaroo end caps
  • Proprietary software management tool allows us to meet demand while utilizing fewer onsite systems enabling properties to reclaim leasable space

Let the Kids Drive While Your Customers Shop

Our Zoomaroo rides come in fun colors and sleek designs that are guaranteed to put a smile on kids’ faces.

Diversify Your Revenue Streams with Innovate Media

Our Relax and Recharge systems and integrated digital displays provide our clients with value-added advertising solutions to maximize consumer leisure time and operator profit.

Industry Leading Coverage

Our portfolio consists of over 12,000 assets nationwide that deliver 2.5 million unique guest experiences monthly.

Programmatic Digital-Out-Of-Home

Receive up to 20% of all revenue through waterfall programmatic ad approach with reserved space to promote your center events or tenant messaging.

Proven Return on Ad Spend

Real-time bidding from multiple industry leading platforms to maximize profits. More bidders = more money.

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