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Zoomaroo is modern stroller concept that was created around one simple idea: a happy child = a happy parent. By blending the excitement of a kiddie ride with the utility of a stroller, Zoomaroo along with the Innovative rewards program, encourages repeat visits and increased dwell time while creating family friendly experiences.

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Fun Fun Fun

Our Zoomaroo rides come in fun colors and sleek designs that are guaranteed to put a smile on kids’ faces. Your little ones will love driving them around the mall!

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Shop in peace at your favorite retail locations while your kids are entertained by the endless fun of their Zoomaroo rides.

Clean & Safe

Clean & Safe

All Innovative equipment is thoroughly cleaned on a bi-weekly basis with Biocide 100, an EPA registered cleaning solution, ensuring our customers feel safe & comfortable.

Functional Rides

Functional Rides

Zoomaroo’s are easy to maneuver, and come equipped with cup holders and a large bag to store your more cumbersome purchases.

Apps & Reward

App & Rewards

Earn rewards today by downloading the Innovative App – and receive a FREE stroller rental at signup. Enjoy and continue to earn points for redemption across all Innovative services!

How Zoomaroo Works


Choose your Zoomaroo at the Kiosk


Pay the $9.00 Rental Fee, plus a $1.00 Deposit


Get your Zoomaroo


Return your Zoomaroo to any open Dock


Press “Return” at the Kiosk to Receive your $1 Deposit

Marketing Opportunities

Our zoomaroo systems and integrated digital displays can be found in the main entrances of shopping centers resulting in high capture rates.

The Truth Is – Advertising Works

Place based OOH network in over 50 major metropolitan markets and 60 million unique impressions monthly, driving more consumers to your business.

Omni Channel Solution

Driving impressions through dynamic content delivery on 42” digital screens, physical sponsorship opportunities and personalized mobile ad insertion on the Innovative App.

Join our Rewards Program and
Receive a FREE stroller rental!

The more your kids enjoy Zoomaroo Rides and other Innovative products, the more points you earn to redeem across the entire Innovative platform! Download the App and Hop in the Fun today because your family deserves it!

Massage Chair Free Reward Program

Mobile App Coming Soon!

Available For IOS & Android

Hop in the Fun Lane with Zoomaroo!

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