Technology Roadmap

Perpetual Innovation, Transformation & Growth

The creation, development and implementation of new products, processes and services – all of which improve our competitive advantage and efficiency, are central to Innnovative’s DNA. Innovative continues to accelerate its industry leadership by being the most technologically advanced and dynamic operator of consumer wellness and family fun experiences. Our growth strategy includes idea generation and implementation of market disruptive solutions that will benefit our industry partners and exceed consumers expectations.

ioT & Data Analytics

We turn our data into insightful and actionable business intelligence, allowing Innovative to provide the highest level of customer service while delivering personalized and unique consumer engagements.

Consumer Centric Innovation

Increasing expectations for a more personalized consumer experience have driven Innovative to utilize business analytics to better understand, predict and influence the behavior of their customers by providing clear insights into how think, act, and spend.

Operations and Commercial Strategies

Our IoT connected assets are remotely monitored through our online help desk and ticketing system which enables our Field Service network to plan preventive maintenance resulting in an operational uptime greater than 99.7%.

Strategic Partnership with NAYAX

Innovative has partnered with NAYAX to exclusively provide the VPOS Touch as an all-in-one solution for cashless payments, including mobile wallet integration for the Innovative App.

Contactless = Safe & Secure

We offer both contactless and contact EMV transactions, whether by credit card, mobile app or QR codes. These transactional options help guarantee a safer and more hygienic method of payment, including advanced encryption protections.

Innovative Mobile Wallet

You can offer discounts and other promotions for closed loop systems with virtual prepaid cards in our mobile wallet. Operators create new sales opportunities that bring great consumer engagement for improved upscale and increased revenue.

Marketing Opportunities

Our zoomaroo systems and integrated digital displays can be found in the main entrances of shopping centers resulting in high capture rates.

The Truth Is - Advertising Works

Place based OOH network in over 50 major metropolitan markets and 60 million unique impressions monthly, driving more consumers to your business.

Omni Channel Solution

Driving impressions through dynamic content delivery on 42” digital screens, physical sponsorship opportunities and personalized mobile ad insertion on the Innovative App.

Innovative -
A Winning Rewards Program

The more your family enjoys Relax & Recharge Massage Chairs and Zoomaroo Strollers, along with in home iZen products – the more points you earn to redeem FREE services and products across the Innovative platform. Download the App, join the Rewards Program to start earning points today!

Upcoming Innovative Mobile App

Mobile App Coming Soon!

Available For iOS & Android

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Our IP Lineup

Intellectual property is a business asset. It helps set us apart from our competitors. Our commitment to innovation has always been centered around our partners and our consumers. We have a high appreciation for the ingenuity and cost of development of intellectual property and as such we have strived to protect our investment in that technology for the benefit of our partners.

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